Joint Open House Walden, Chaparral and Legacy – Progressive (BFI)

Joint Open House Walden, Chaparral and Legacy – Progressive (BFI)


The President of the Chaparral Community Association (CCA), approached the WCA to ask us to participate in an “idea” forum to gather possibilities and interests for what to do with the Progressive (formerly BFI) landfill.  Progressive is interested in turning this area into a community asset.  What this means is that the communities, Chaparral, Walden & Legacy,  can offer Progressive suggestions of what we would like to see, and then based on these ideas, Progressive will come up with a plan for what they are willing to do.   Be aware that they have no specific obligation to do much of anything, but in the past, they have indicated that this would be an opportunity for them to show how well they can integrate old landfills into communities when they’ve reached end of life.  The end result of this activity is to provide a variety of ideas to Progressive by the end of June of community suggestions.

Come out and share your opinions on existing suggestions, or add news ones.  You will have an opportunity to “vote” on your favorite ideas.

You are invited to attend a joint Walden/Legacy/Chaparral Open House:

Date: Tuesday June 21st

Time:  7-9pm

Location: Lake Chaparral Building, 225 Chaparral Blvd. SE