June 19th, 2016 – Walden Community Clean Up

June 19th, 2016 – Walden Community Clean Up

Walden Community Clean-Up:

On June 19th, 2016, we plan to have the First Annual Walden Community Clean-up from 9am to 2pm.  We will be at the end of the Southview Church main entrance, at 202 Ave, located along Walden Blvd., across from Walden Rise S.E.   This is a great opportunity for residents to get to know each other and give back to the community and also to get your membership too.

With all of the construction and dogs in our neighborhood, we know that there is a lot of garbage and dog poop that has accumulated in the community as Walden has never had a clean-up before. We plan to do this event annually and as the construction diminishes, there will be less garbage and dog poop.  The feedback from other communities is that next year and the following years, we will have noticeably less garbage and less dog poop for a clean-up.    To stay consistent from year to year and to ensure our community looks good any volunteer help we get is greatly appreciated.  Contact us to volunteer volunteer@waldenyyc.ca, or show come down to the site on Sunday morning.

We will have a community tent set up where volunteers can get gloves and garbage bags to pick up trash and help keep our community clean.  We will have a three dumpsters, compliments of Cardel Homes, Avi and Excel Homes, in which to collect all the garbage.  If you have a truck to assist us in hauling the garbage from different areas in the community to the Church site, we would appreciate it.

Because we are unable to participate in the City of Calgary’s Community Cleanup program, the City of Calgary garbage trucks will not be present.   This means we will be unable to accept any spring cleaning garbage and discards.   Items such as old couches or mattresses or any other household items will have to be taken to the city’s disposal sites.

Items such as tires, household chemicals, car batteries, metals, home appliances, propane tanks, glass, paint, microwaves, and liquids can dropped off at appropriate City of Calgary Throw-N-Go Facilities  or the  household hazardous waste drop-off locations.

List of Restricted Items: There are some items that we will not accept, they are:

  • mattresses,
  • home appliances, microwaves
  • household chemicals, propane tanks (*), paint (*)
  • car batteries, tires
  • home electronics (*)
  • liquids
  • metals
  • glass
  • railway tie

 Yard waste

Leaves, branches, plants, grass clippings and other yard waste (excluding sod) will be accepted at the Community Cleanup event for composting.  Yard waste must be separate from other items.

All of the organic materials that are collected will be taken to one of The City’s composting facilities.

So come help with this event.  Hope to see you there!!