Frequently Asked Questions

What does having a community membership get me?

You will be kept informed of the on-goings of our community involving important matters such as land developments, business developments, and all updates pertaining to anything that affects us.  In addition, having a healthy sustainable Community Association allows for the betterment of the community by grouping together as a gathered, united voice to liaise with all levels of Government and businesses alike, power is always in numbers.
Your membership also provides you an opportunity to meet new people, have a common interest. Free benefits such as participation of our organized Community Events.
Lastly, in the future, your membership will typically be a prerequisite to have your child play on registered community sport teams!

What is the difference between a community association and a resident’s association?

A community association is an organization formed by the residents of an area:

  • to manage and direct its social and recreational activities
  • to act as an intervener in civic matters (planning and development)
  • to plan, develop and maintain community facilities and amenities
  • membership is voluntary

A resident’s association is a compulsory organization created by a land developer:

  • to manage and maintain the “marketing” amenities of a development that the City will not accept responsibility to maintain: entrance signage and ornamental parks
  • to manage and maintain amenities such as a lake
  • membership is compulsory and the requirement to pay an annual fee is collected by the association through a caveat on title

Walden does not have a residents association.

Can I join the Walden Community Association if I am not a resident of the area?

Yes, residents of surrounding area are most welcome to become a Community Association member, participate at our events open to all the residents of Walden as a card holder member. Non-resident members outside of our boundry areas as governed by our bylaws are not permitted to vote at the WCA’s Annual General Meeting.

How do I advertise in Walden Community Newsletter, Walden Life?

You can call Great News Publishing at 403-720-0762 or visit their website at www.Great-News.ca  If you are a community resident and have anything to share or would like to see in the newsletter you are welcome to contact our Community Volunteer Newsletter Editor volunteer at newsletter@waldenyyc.ca